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Global Questions


PAIDERA is a multi stream income generating websites containing different methods and ways to make money online so easily for people from around the world, based on simplicity and easy-to-use platform and< options

How to make money?

Sign up to PAIDERA by clicking here and discover your user dashboard to make your first revenue doing multiple tasks.
We are offering a world wide surveys, Paid Quizzes, Multiple Tasks channels, Writing Posts, Promoting Videos, Referring Friends and much more.

How much I can earn?

There is no limit of what you can make using this platform, there is a many ways that you can make money and you can choose the suitable ones for you.

How time I can work?

You can work as much as you can, you're in charge of the time you spend working, you're your own boss.

Is my country accepted?

All countries are accepted and can work on our platform, and you have access to everything within PAIDERA with no country restriction.


What is Paid surveys?

In the business world, an untested idea is a bad idea. Before spending millions of dollars designing, manufacturing and marketing a product, companies first have to figure out whether anyone even wants to buy it. That process is called market research.
Market research is big business. American companies spend billions of dollars each year on focus groups, product testing, interviews and surveys -- all in an effort to determine which logo is the catchiest, which flavor of potato chip is the most addictive and which pop song will be the next big hit [source: The Huffington Post].

How can I make money from Paid Surveys?

It's easy to do so just by completing the following surveys and answering all of questions you got and the reward will be automatically added to your account and paid for you.

What should I do?

Please pick the right field/category and survey suitable for you and your habits and personal knowledge and try to answer all questions available and get your reward at the end.
Surveys may contain more than 10 questions depending on how much information needed.

What I shouldn't do?

Do Not choose or complete any survey that is not suitable for you or in a field you don't know about.
To ensure the accuracy and precision of answers collected we may do a global check and find if your answers are accurate and trusted.

There is no surveys in my account, What should I do?

After completing all the available surveys in, You should wait until new surveys is available, you can check your surveys regularly or you will receive a notification once available.


What is Paid Quizzes?

This is the most popular money making method in, Quizzes are similar to surveys but with more fun in them you can take quizzes and have fun while making money.

How much quiz attempts allowed?

There is no maximum attempts for quizzes you can take the quiz again once the time period between attempts is over, You can find the time period in quiz description.

What is quota?

Each account start with an initial quiz quota, that mean how much quizzes you can take, once your quota is over you can't take quizzes until you earn more quota.

How can I earn Quota for my quizzes?

You can earn quota simply by two available methods:

  1. 3 Quota points: You get 3 quota points automatically when someone sign-up using your referral link, means 3 quota points per referral.
  2. 1 Quota points: from rewarded tasks, when you successfully complete a task.
  3. 1 Quota points: from External Surveys.


What is Tasks?

Tasks is a third party offers based by location, age and gender and can be completed in a third party website for a reward you get in your account.

How can I make money from Tasks?

You can make money from tasks by selecting the right task for you and checking what is the requirements to complete the tasks, and click on the task to start doing, once the task is properly completed you will be rewarded.

Where to find if I have been rewarded for a Task?

You can check the Completed Tasks under the Tasks section in your dashboard to know if your reward received.

I haven't received my reward, Why?

Tasks is a third party offers, mean once you complete the task properly the third party website should inform us about a successful completion from your part. If you haven't received your reward mean the task has failed to be completed properly by you. If you think you have completed the task properly please contact us and include a screenshot and the link to the task.

Task reward is in Cents, How this works?

Tasks currency is cents, mean 100 cents = $1, 50 cents = $0.5, You can multiply by 0.01 to get the payout in $USD
for example if the task payout is 18 cents you can multiply by 0.01 ( 18 Cents * 0.01 = $0.18 )


What is The Minimum threshold?

You can choose your preferred threshold by yourself from your payment settings section.

What is The supported Payment method?

We provide PayPal payments right now.

What is your Payment cycle?

We don't have any payment cycle, you can request your payment as soon as you reached your threshold.

How much time it takes to receive my payment after performing a payment request?

It usually takes up to 15 Business days and sometimes less depending on requests queue.

Do I need referrals to receive Payments?

You don't need referrals to make money in PAIDERA, You can request your payment normally once you reach your threshold. Getting paid doesn't require referrals